Welcome to a new Strætó web.

This new web has formally replaced the old one that has been in use since 2016.


The aim of the new website is to improve the user experience, readability and accessibility. The biggest changes are the following:

  • The trip planner is now connected to the database of ja.is, which opens up more possibilities when planning a trip. For example, users can now search for companies, institutions and landmarks.
  • A great emphasis was put on accessability for the blind and visually impaired. Strætó consulted The Icelandic association for the visually impaired (Blindrafélagið) and followed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make it easy to navigating the web using a screen reader.
  • When you click on a bus stops on the map, you will get the name of the bus stop, street map and real time information on next arrivals. So far this real time information has only been available in LED bus shelters.
  • You can click on the buses on the map to see next bus stops and real time information.
  • Location of electric scooters from Hopp, Oss and Zolo are visible on the interactive map.
  • Timetables are no longer published as pictures on the web. We also have a version of the timetables that might suit people that have a hard time reading traditional timetables.

The web is programmed and design by Kolofon design firm.

The new web is mostly complet, but the following content will soon be avilable:

  • Dark mode.
  • Web search
  • Map with real time data under each timetable.
  • You can download PDF version of the timetables.
  • Online orders of routes that have a pre-order service.
  • Detours will be drawn on the interactive map.

We hope you like our new web. If you feel like something is missing from the new web, please send us suggestion by clicking the link below:


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