27. Sep 2022

Changes in price list at Strætó

On October 1st, a new price list of Strætó will take effect. The new prices were approved at the meeting of the Strætó´s board on September 16 and the increase amounts to 12,5 %. Single tickets and period passes will all take the same price change. For example, a single fare ticket goes from 490 kr. to 550 kr. and a 30-day student card goes from 4.000 kr. to 4.500 kr.

The prices have remained unchanged since the turn of the year 2020/2021, but on November 16, 2021, Klapp, account based ticketing system for Strætó, was launched and all prices were simplified to be fairer and provide customers with better bargain on fares.

The price increases are intended to cover general cost price increases for Strætó, such as oil price increases, but oil prices have risen by almost 40% since the beginning of the year and costs due to shortening of the work week, which have had a significant impact on the operation. The effects of the COVID pandemic are still being felt in the operations and it looks like the cumulative impact on income is in the range of 1500 million to 2000 The impact of higher supply prices and lower income can be seen in Strætó’s quarterly results for January to June 2022.

Every effort is made to moderate all price increases by Strætó, and the increase is intended to reduce the need for further cut down of Strætó’s route network in the capital area. At the same time, municipalities in the capital area will consider strengthening the operation of Strætó more than was planned in the budget for the year 2022.

Strætó is aiming for a carbon-free buses in 2030, which will make the impact of oil prices on Strætó’s operations insignificant.

Based on FÍB’s (The Icelandic Automobile Association) calculations about the operating costs of driving a car, it is about 1.3 million per year based on driving 15.000 km per year, and it is therefore clear that it is still more practical to use public transport.

The price changes apply to Strætó’s bus service in the capital area, but not the service for disabled people, no changes to the price will be made there.

New prices will come into effect on October 1st.

Strætó´s prices from October 1st, 2022

Single tickets
Adults550 kr.
Young people275 kr.
Elderly275 kr.
Disabled people165 kr.
Children, 11 years and younger0 kr.
Period passes
30 daga12 mánaða
Adults9.000 kr.90.000 kr.
Young people4.500 kr.45.000 kr.
Elderly4.500 kr.45.000 kr.
Disabled people2.700 kr.27.000 kr.
Children, 11 years and younger0 kr.0 kr.
Klapp ten
Klapp 10 Adults5.500 kr.
Klapp 10 Elderly2.750 kr.
Klapp 10 Young people2.750 kr.
Smart card
Klapp card1.000 kr.
Day passes
24 hours2.200 kr.
72 hours5.000 kr.