Strætó gives third parties access to route system data.

On the one hand, have data that show the schedule and, on the other hand, real-time data that indicates the location of the buses in real-time.

Bus schedule data

This data describes the entire routing system in the so-called GTFS static.

GTFS defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. It is for example used by Google.


GTFS bus data

In this data package, all stops are listed with location along all routes and arrival and departure times at each bus stop for every day. The route lines are also specified for each route.

The GTFS data is in a „zip file“ that contains the text files that the static describes.

You can download the current GTFS data here:

Real-time data

It is necessary to apply for access to real-time bus data. More information here:

Strætó IT department