19. Jun 2023

Klappið replaces the Strætó app

The decision has been made to close the old Strætó app on July 1. All functionality related to the route system or tickets for the capital area is now in Klappið as well as other innovations. Most people have already moved to the new app as it has more options for customers.

Only one activity is not possible, that is to shop for rural tickets in Klappið. Customers will continue to be able to pay with cash and get change from the drivers or pay with a payment card on board the buses, and most people buy tickets that way. Ticket sales in the app averaged only 3% of all fares sold in the countryside. Vegagerðin runs and is responsible for buses in the countryside and is now considering adding more payment options for customers in the countryside. All prices for the countryside can be seen in „Route planner“ in Klappið and on

In Klappið and on it is possible to plan trips, see buses on live map and see prices for both the capital area and the countryside among other things.

Customers who have tickets in the old Strætó app

Tickets for the capital area, not older than 4 years, can be transferred to Klappið at the request of customers.

Customers can request a refund on tickets for the countryside if they are not older than 4 years.

Those who still have tickets in the old Strætó app are kindly asked to contact Strætó by sending an email to endurgreidslur@straeto.iswith information about the phone number and, in the case of tickets in the countryside, which part of the country the ticket is valid for.