23. Oct 2023

The effect of the women's strike on Strætó

  • Street closure and limited service at reception and call center

Numerous organizations of women, LGBT people and workers have called for a women’s strike tomorrow, Tuesday, October 24, where women and non-binary people are encouraged to stop paid and unpaid work.

Strætó supports the fight for equality for women and non-binary people and will not deduct wages of the staff who participate in the day. As a result, the reception of Strætó will be closed and service in Strætó call center will be reduced. There may also be a longer waiting time for Pant driving services.

Street closures in the city center will affect several routes of Strætó, and disruptions to timetables can also be expected as a result. Arrangements have been made so that all routes will be operated despite the strike.

  • Kalkofnsvegur between Hverfisgata and Geirsgata will be closed from 18:00 on Monday until 19:00 on Tuesday. Route 3 takes a detour via Hverfisgata and route 14 drives Sæbraut in both directions.
  • Tuesday at 11:00–16:00. Traditional downtown closure. Sæbraut/Geirsgata will be open. Routes 3 and 14 go to Sæbraut/Geirsgata and routes 1, 6, 11, 12 and 13 drive Snorrabraut to Háskóli and will be on route after that.
  • You can see the effects of detours on bus stops at Routes alerts

Street closure due to the women´s strike.

Red: closed from 23/10 at 18:00 to 24/10 at 19:00

Yellow: closed from 24/10 at 11:00 to 16:00