9. Sep 2022

Strætó´s friends from England with the cat Strætó!

Strætó has friends from all over the world

Verity and Christian Graham are true Strætó´s friends, they adore Iceland and find nothing more fun than travel with Strætó´s buses when they come to Iceland, but they are both from England. As a sign of their admiration for Strætó, they named their cat Strætó. They say they decided on the name during one of their visits to the country, but they have two cats and the other one is named Bjarki. Christian has visited Iceland thirteen times and Verity eleven times.

On their last trip to Iceland, they contacted Strætó and asked for merchandise marked Strætó. And of course, Strætó complied with their request and now they both wear Strætó´s hats with pride, and the cat Strætó also seems to like it, based on the picture they sent of him.

The couple says they are captivated by Iceland and that the country is their favourite place in the whole world. They are both learning Icelandic, but say it is quite difficult. They also got engaged in Iceland, in Grímsey in 2020 after spending the summer in Egilsstaðir.