15. Aug 2023

Strætó service on Reykjavík Culture Night 2023

There will be some closed streets in the city center when Culture Night takes place there on Saturday. You have to pay a general fare on the bus and a night fare on the night bus, which starts around 1.00 a.m. but customers with 30 day and 1 year’s bus cards can use them on board Night buses.

Route 1:

  • will drive in 15 min. frequency from approx. at 7 – 10
  • will drive in 10 min. frequency from approx. at 10 – 18
  • will drive in 15 min. frequency from 18 – 22:30 (until transport from the city center begins)

Routes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15:

  • will drive in 15 min. frequency from 7/8 – 18
  • will drive in 30 min. frequency from 18 – 22:30 (until transport from the city center begins)

Note that route 18 runs to and from HR instead of route 5 on Culture Night

You can see all stops on all routes this day in the timetables under August 19.

We ask customers to familiarize themselves with the Strætó schedule in the route planner and find a trip, before taking the bus on Culture Night, as trips times may be different than usual due to increased frequency and closed streets in the city. The route planner and timetables have been updated to the best of our ability, but since there are closures all over the city, the buses may have to take an unconventional route – Please look at the live map at Klappiðr on

You can pay in four different ways in Strætó in the capital area, with:

  • Klapp ten
  • Refillable Klapp card
  • The app Klappið in your phone
  • Cash – Drivers don´t give change in the capital area

More information at 

Normal service stops at 22:30

At 22:30 Strætó route system will be deactivated and all available buses will head towards Sólfarið at Sæbraut to transport people from the city center.

These trips are free.

Below is a list of the last scheduled trips before the route system is deactivated:

Last trips from
1Kl. 22:28 from HlemmurKl. 22:19 from Skarðshlíð.
2Kl. 22:03 from HlemmurKl. 22:22 from Mjódd
3Kl. 22:24 from HlemmurKl. 22:21 from Mjódd
4Kl. 22:18 from HlemmurKl. 22:21 from Mjódd
5Kl. 22:12 from Gamla HringbrautKl. 22:14 from Árvað
6Kl. 22:07 from HlemmurKl. 22:18 from Egilshöll
11Kl. 22:22 from MjóddKl. 22:23 from Eiðistorg
12Kl. 22:20 from SkerjafjörðurKl. 22:07 from Ártún
13Kl. 22:10 from SléttuvegurKl. 22:08 from Öldugrandi
14Kl. 22:09 from GrandiKl. 22:14 from Verzló
15Kl. 22:15 from ReykjavegurKl. 22:01 from Flyðrugrandi
18Kl. 22:06 from SpöngKl. 22:09 from HR
19Kl. 22:18 from KaplakrikiKl. 22:22 from Ásvallalaug
24Kl. 22:19 from SpöngKl. 22:03 from Ásgarður
35Kl. 22:07 from Hamraborg

Note: Service will not be interrupted on routes that are in pre-order service. These are routes 22, 23, 25, 26 and 27.