17. Aug 2022

Strætó service on Reykjavík Culture Night

Routes 1, 3, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 will drive a detour through Hringbraut and Snorrabraut on route to and from Hlemmur.

Below you can find a festival map of the city center.

Hátíðarkort 2022

Festival Map

Normal service stops at 22:30

At 22:30 Strætó route system will be deactivated and all available buses will head towards Sæbraut near Höfði to transport people from the city center.

Below is a list of the last scheduled trips before the route system is deactivated:

Brottfaratímar á síðustu ferð frá
122:13 from Hlemmur 22:04 from Skarðshlíð
222:03 from Hlemmur22:22 from Mjódd
322:24 from Hlemmur22:21 from Mjódd
422:18 from Hlemmur22:21 from Mjódd
522:06 from HR22:18 from Norðlingaholt
622:07 from Hlemmur22:18 from Egilshöll
1122:22 from Mjódd22:23 from Eiðistorg
1222:20 from Skerjafjörður22:07 from Ártún
1322:10 from Sléttuvegur22:08 from Öldugrandi
1422:09 from Grandi22:10 from Verzló
1522:15 from Reykjavegur 22:01 from Flyðrugrandi
1822:06 from Spöng22:16 from Hlemmur
1922:18 from Kaplakriki22:22 from Ásvallalaug
2422:19 from Spöng22:03 from Ásgarður
3522:07 from Hamraborg

Service will not be stopped on routes that have pre-order service. Like routes 22, 23, 25 and 27.

If customer accidentally activates a bus ticket

If a customer forgets there is free access to Strætó buses and accidentally activates a bus ticket, he/him/they can send an email to and we will send you a new ticket.

It’s necessary that phone numbers are included.