21. Jun 2023

Changes in price list at Strætó

On July 1st, a new price list of Strætó will take effect. Prices for single tickets increases by 3.6% and period passes 3.3%. A single fare ticket goes from 550 kr. to 570 kr. and a 30-day card for students, young people and elderly goes from 4500 kr. to 4650 kr.

According to Strætó’s price policy, the plan is to review prices twice a year, but the prices were last increased on October 1st, 2022. Since that time, the consumer price index has risen by 5.2% and the Strætó index by 3.5%. The board of Strætó therefore approved new prices at the meeting of the Strætó´s board on May 19.

The aim of the price policy was and is to ensure that the prices go hand in hand with the operating costs of Strætó, and also that the prices change in line with the Strætó index. The Strætó index includes wages, oil, consumer price index, maintenance, and repairs (consumer price sub-index) and spare parts (consumer price sub-index).

Changes in price list for the countryside by Vegagerðin

Vegagerðin (Icelandic Road Administration) has decided to raise its own prices at the same time as Strætó. In an announcement from Vegagerðin, the increase amounts to 16.3% and the single fare will go from 490 kr. to 570 kr.  Period cards and student cards will remain unchanged and will not increase at this time. For example, a trip from Reykjavík to Akureyri goes from 10780 kr. to 12540 kr. and a trip from Reykjavík to Keflavík from 1960 kr. to 2280 kr. You can see Vegagerðin´s announcement here in Icelandic.

New prices for both the capital and the countryside will come into effect on July 1st.

Single tickets
Adult570 kr.
Young people285 kr.
Elderly285 kr.
Disabled people171 kr.
Children, 11 years and younger0 kr.
Period passes
30 days12 months
Adult9300 kr.93000 kr.
Young people4650 kr.46500 kr.
Elderly4650 kr.46500 kr.
Students, 18 years and older4650 kr.46500 kr.
Disabled people2790 kr.27900 kr.
Children, 11 years and younger0 kr.0 kr.
Klapp ten
Klapp 10 Adults5700 kr.
Klapp 10 Elderly2850 kr.
Klapp 10 Young people2850 kr.
Smart card
Klapp card1000 kr.
Day passes
24 hours2300 kr.
72 hours5200 kr.