31. Aug 2023

Additional buses on route 55 at Ljósanótt

On Saturday, September 2, Two additional buses will drive on route 55 on Ljósanótt ( Night of Lights). Note that these are additional buses following the standard timetable and not extra trips. The first extra bus leaves at 17:53 from Fjörður and ends at Hringbraut/Melteigur in Keflavík.

The second extra bus leaves at 23:01 from Hringbraut/Melteigur in Keflavík and drives to BSÍ.


  • The additional buses will have a sign: Additional buses (Aukavagnar)
  • The extra buses do not drive between Hringbraut/Melteigur and Keflavík Airport and vice versa. They will drive the traditional route through Hafnarfjörður, Vogaafleggjari, Grindavíkurafleggjari and through Keflavík.
  • The extra bus at 23:01 from Keflavík will drive all the way to BSÍ.
  • The standard price for the countryside applies and the fare can be paid on board the bus by payment card or cash. Please note that you can not use Klappið on buses in the countryside.