6. Mar 2023

33,000 daily scans in Klapp

Since Strætó’s new payment system, Klappið, was put into use over a year ago, close to half a million accesses have been activated and daily scans are tens of thousands.

Activated user accesses that are open in the Klapp system today are 473,888 based on numbers from February 6, both authenticated and anonymous accesses.

Since the system was put into use, on 16 Nov. 2021, 537,429 accesses have been registered and confirmed in the system, of which 63,541 have been deleted, e.g., duplicate registrations or anonymous or authenticated accesses deleted after use.

Daily use in Klapp

Klapp fares are scanned successfully 33,000 times on average per day on weekdays.


Klapp appKlap cardKlapp ten

- 100.000 single tickets scanned successfully  

- 3.000 single tickets scanned successfully 

- 12.000 scans

- 5.500 people with active month subscription 

- 2.300 people with active month subscription

- 3.500 active year card

- 3.500 active year card 

On schedule

Strætó decided to launch a new payment system with FARA, an international company that has experience in setting up similar payment systems for companies in public transport. It was clear from the beginning that the system was based on a certain foundation and needed to be adjusted to the needs of Strætó and its customers. In the beginning, certain problems needed to be addressed. The system is in constant development, as the needs of Strætó’s customers are always in priority. In the coming months we will be announcing new features and updates which is exciting. Strætó is happy to report that the project met the initial budget, but a tender was put out according to public procurement in the EEA region.

System uptime over 99.99%

Unfortunately, the payment system has been down for some time several times and customers have not been able to use it, for example to buy tickets or scan tickets on board the buses. In the last six months (August – January), the system has gone down six times, from almost 30 minutes to two hours. The exception to this was last October 18 when customers could not buy new products, which lasted for over ten hours, it was over night which explains the long time. Despite that, the uptime is very good, or over 99.99%.

Foreign card turnover is highest during the summer

The Klapp payment system supports the acceptance of foreign payment cards and foreign Visa and MasterCard cards can be registered if they have 3D Secure, the same applies to domestic cards. Percentage of foreign card turnover in the total card turnover in the Klapp system is highest during the summer months, but every month foreign card turnover is on average about 13% of the total card turnover in the Klapp system. It is likely that this number will increase when contactless payments are implemented, as a lot of single trips are purchased by tourists visiting Iceland.