There will be major changes to the Strætó’s route system due to Reykjavík city´s construction at Hlemmur, and the area will undergo changes in the coming years in accordance with the new regional planning for the area.

The changes will affect the routes of the buses and all bus routes in the area will be temporarily diverted and new end stops will be put into use.

A new square of Hlemmur will be created and traffic will move away from the square area. The infrastructure of Borgarlína will be built through the area to the north.

Construction on the square itself is to begin in the spring of 2024, and then Strætó will have to completely stop driving through the area.

How will Hlemmur be after the constructions?

First, public bus routes will use the infrastructure of Borgarlína through the square.

Bus routes will also run north/south via Snorrabraut.

When the construction of the first round of Borgarlína is finished, four routes will run through the square, including Borgarlína B.

No routes will have Hlemmur as an end stop.

There will be no central end stop in the future.

Changes of routes and end stops

The end stops of routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 16, 17 and 18 will move from Hlemmur to Skúlagata, Grandi and HÍ (University of Iceland).


Changes at the bus stops at Hlemmur

  • All routes will stop going through Hlemmur and will instead drive detours. New bus stops will be by Snorrabraut and Borgartún og the bus stop by Þjóðskjalasafn will be moved.


New temporary end stops

Route 3 will have Grandi as an end stop, that already exists.

Routes 1, 4, 16, 17 and 18 will have Skúlagata as a temporary end stop, which is new.



Routes 2 and 6 will have (University of Iceland) as a temporary end stop, which is new.

Changes on routes

Dotted lines are how the routes drive today, the solid lines show how the routes will drive after Hlemmur has been closed.

Route 1 ends at Skúlagata instead of Hlemmur

Route 2 ends at HÍ (University of Iceland) instead of Hlemmur

Route 3 ends at Grandi – like the line of Borgarlína C will that also drives from Breiðholt

The line will use the end stop with line 14 which is Grandi today


Route 4 ends at Skúlagata instead of Hlemmur

Route 6 drives Snorrabraut – Hverfisgata and ends at HÍ (University of Iceland)

Route 11 will drive Flókagata instead of Háteigsvegur and Rauðarárstígur

Route 12

Route 13 will drive Snorrabraut instead of Rauðarárstígur

Route 14

Routes 5 and 15 will drive Borgartún instead of going through Hlemmur

Routes 16 ends at Skúlagata instead of Hlemmur

Routes 17 ends at Skúlagata instead of Hlemmur

Routes 18 ends at Skúlagata instead of Hlemmur

There will also be changes to the night buses, and maps of those routes will be shown soon.


You can send in suggestions regarding the changes at our website