Strætó bs. is a regional partnership owned by the six municipalities in the capital area and was founded in accordance with the provisions of chapter IX of the Local Government Act No. 138/2011 concerning local government co-operation in the implementation of individual projects. The primary function of Strætó is the operation of public transport services in the geographic area of it’s owners.

The processing of personal data that is performed by or on behalf of Strætó is the responsibility of Strætó bs., Corp. ID No. 500501-3160, Hestháls 14, 110 Reykjavík. In the cases when Strætó operates as the processing party on behalf of another party then that party is responsible for the processing as the responsible party in the meaning of Act No. 90/2018 on data protection and the processing of personal data (Data Protection Act), and in that case Strætó will be operating under the instructions of that party on the basis of a processing agreement.

Strætó has as its goal to ensure completely the reliability, confidentiality and security of all personal data that is being processed by the company. Strætó has accordingly adopted the following data protection policy in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.


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