Depatures on Saturdays and Sundays


  • Customers that use Strætó‘s fare medias, like Klapp card, Klapp app, Klapp ten, Bus card or Strætó app pay the same fare that is used during the day.
  • Customers with 1 month are 1 year’s bus cards can use them on night buses.
  • Night buses will have card terminal on board. Customers that want to pay with debit- or credit cards or cash will pay 1.000 kr. for Strætó night buses. Bus drivers do not carry change. 
Fares in night buses
Single fares with Strætó's fare mediasPrices
Adults490 kr.
Youths, 12-17 years old245 kr.
Senior citizens, 67 years and older245 kr.
People on disability*147 kr.
Other types of paymentsPrices
Cash, debit- or credit cards payments1.000 kr.

*People on disability can only get this discount through Klapp ticketing system


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